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Russian Customers Visited Jiangsu Liangyou 2016-04-29

Recently, a German Trading Company gets in touch with us through Alibaba B2B international platform of Jiangsu Liangyou Agro Machinery Co., Ltd, and they hope to establish a business relationship with us.
 On Nov. 4, the trader and his Russian customers came to visit us for site inspection and have face-to-face communication with us. Our company leaders warmly received our respected customers from far away. The trader has 3 projects in hand, i.e. 30tph poultry feed production line, 3tph feed production line, and 4*5000t corn storage steel silos project. We discussed the 3tph production line on that day. As customers prefer European process (grinding after dosing) which is different with traditional process (grinding before dosing), so technical team had to make personal tail and provide excellent solution to our customers. Moreover, they are very interested in our products after visiting our workshop.
They have the intent to sign a contract with us on 3tph feed production line, which may be a milestone of future cooperation.
They also express the willing to establish a long-term friendly cooperative relationship with us.


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