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Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the second meeting of the 15th CPPCC committee of Liyang City 2018-01-05

To assume the historic mission of the new era, devote themselves to a new journey to offer cohesion. On the morning of January 2, the second meeting of the 15th Committee of the Liyang City People's Political Consultative Conference was grandly opened at Howard Johnson Hotel.  Zhiliang Chen, chairman of Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd. as a member of the CPPCC to attend the meeting.

Party secretary Jiang feng, mayor Huaqin Xu and all the leaders of the municipal party committee, municipal court and the chief of the Procuratorate were invited to attend the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Tang huaxin, vice-chairman of the CPPCC.


During the meeting, The committee of the CPPCC has focused on the key points in the economic and social development of the city, in-depth to carry out the investigation and study, Multiple analytic argumentation, achieve the transformation of the results, which has played an active role in improving economic and social development and improving people's livelihood in the whole city.


The party secretary, Jiang feng, stand in the new age and the global height, Comprehensively summarized the achievements our city made in politics, economy and social development in the past year. Mayor Huaqin Xu full fully affirmed the work of 2017 in Liyang CPPCC, They expressed ardent expectations for fulfilling the functions of the CPPCC in the next step and said that the government will continue to vigorously support the CPPCC's political consultation, democratic supervision, and participation in politics to create a new, better situation in the new year.


The meeting read out on the recognition of the CPPCC National Committee special award, outstanding leaders, advanced members, advanced committee and outstanding proposals and the assembly commended. Zhiliang Chen won the 2017 Liyang CPPCC National Committee title and awarded the honorary certificate. This is the honor of becoming an advanced member of the CPPCC National Committee for two consecutive years since 2016.


The rush of time never stops, the struggle goes on forever. Comrade Zhiliang Chen said that the new mission of the new age has put forward new requirements for his work. In the future, Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd. will be with a strong sense of responsibility and mission, "Doing solid work as a master of fine industry, doing good as a big enterprise". Taking concrete actions to make a new and bigger contribution to the construction of "strong and beautiful" new Liyang.

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