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A Good start in 2019, FDSP signed contract for Egypt 50tph poultry feed plant 2019-02-20

Recently, FDSP successfully signed contract for 50tph poultry feed plant and spare parts with Egypt customer, to lay the foundation of FDSP's achievement in 2019. As early as 2016, FDSP has already undertook the construction of a 20tph feed project for this customer and signed partnership agreement. The cooperation of this year indicates customer's recognition of FDSP.

During the visit, FDSP's technical engineer customized the layout and hole bearing drawing according to customer's raw material, site, capacity and other requirements, realizing the anticipated value for the customer. Customer expressed his satisfaction about FDSP's quality, technical ability, service through the days inspection on our project case and workshop.

Egypt is the country on the belt and road and is one of the strategic countries should be developed in 2019. Due to the large develop space of animal husbandry and agricultural industry in Egypt, and the special geographical advantages, it will be a land with many possibilities. This cooperation marks the further establishment of a solid strategic partnership between FDSP and Egypt, also lay a good foundation for  the further development of the Egyptian market, and the promotion of sustainable, healthy and rapid development of the Egyptian animal husbandry. 

As the well-known enterprise in China feed machinery industry, FDSP will continue to promote international strategy and key account strategy. At the same time, we will follow the national step on the belt and road, bring FDSP product, FDSP technology and FDSP friendship to Egyptian market, Improve the living standards of the Egyptian people and promoting the development of animal husbandry in Egypt. Adhering to the concept of consultation, joint contribution, sharing and win-win, FDSP looks forward to developing and cooperating with the Middle East and Africa on a larger scale, at a higher level and at a deeper level.

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